October Food Trends

What’s trending in the world of food right now? Current food trends seem to change as much as fashion trends these days; One minute it’s soy beans and wheat grass and the next minute it’s unicorn bagels with ice cream and Frappuccino’s. This month we’re putting the vegetables and tofu on the shelf in favor of cheese-based comfort foods and sizzling animal fats in order to prepare for the winter ahead. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love this particular trend already! Be sure to click the links to these amazing places and check out their menus.

Three trends dominating the food sphere:

Sandwiches: Last month Bon Appetit Magazine picked Turkey and the Wolf, a sandwich shop down in New Orleans as the #1 Best New Restaurant in America for 2017, and ever since then sandwiches have become the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some of the best places in the USA to get a unique sandwich include:

Melt Shop They claim “the best damn sandwich on the planet” which is “better than moms.” I could not agree more with that claim. meltshopi They feature grilled cheese being taken to whole new levels using fresh  baked artisan breads, bacon, pickled vegetables, and daring cheese combinations from all around. My mouth is watering already. They have multiple locations throughout NYC along with a presence in Pennsylvania and Minnesota.


Turkey and the Wolf Remember when you were a kid and you put potato chips on your sandwich for the first time? Turkey and Wolf has perfected and immortalized that incredible crunchy moment with their fried bologna sandwich. This toasted, mayo slathered, crunchy stack of deliciousness is located in New Orleans; just another reason to head down there for Mardi Gras!


Old St. Louis Chop Suey With Asian street food becoming more and more popular in the USA, it’s no surprise Asian flavors lend themselves to delightfully well to sandwiches. Some new flavors include Indian and Japanese spices to egg foo young between two slices of white bread. Located in St. Louis, MO.

Breakfast sandwiches – This is a category that stands alone. From healthy veggie breakfast sandwiches with avocado and alfalfa sprouts to waffle sandwiches stuffed with greasy eggs and bacon, who can pass up a delicious breakfast sandwich?

Eggslut – Fairfax Sandwich

There’s a reason McDonald’s had to keep their breakfast going later on in the day; to compete with these incredible breakfast sandwiches! Three must stops for these delightful creations are, Eggslut in Los Angeles and other locations in CA and NV,  Buvette in New York City, and Pavement Coffeehouse in Boston and other locations in MA.


Sweet and salty – I support a clean, balanced, healthy diet but who can say ‘no’ to a delicious treat and enjoy chowing down on sweet and buttery toasted breads. From buttered croissants to donut sandwiches, it’s all about sweet indulgences! Walton’s Fancy and Staple, specifically their “Walton’s Pride-n-Joy” section of the menu in Austin: their “Golden Egg” and “Aunt Luddy’s White Trash” will satisfy any sweet craving. Additionally, Arcade Bakery, NYC has a tremendous amount of breakfast pastries and coffee cakes to indulge in if their amazing pizza’s are already sold out!

Filipino Sisig: Sisig is a Filipino dish made from pig’s head and liver, seasoned with vinegar, ‘calamansi’ juice and chopped onions. It is made by boiling the meat, then grilling it and frying it until crispy. The fish is served piping hot with egg on top. Chef Anthony Bourdain recently named sisig as the perfect food, bringing Filipino cuisine into the spotlight. Three places to find this amazing delicacy:

Sisig City: A food truck serving NYC and Jersey City, NJ

Señor Sisig: A food truck selling Filipino food in San Francisco Bay area.

“Señor” Sisig Burrito

Toast Deli: Filipino-Asian-Polynesian fusion deli in San Francisco.

Savory Made Sweet: Its almost winter and who doesn’t mind sneaking a sweet treat into their diet while cuddled up in baggy sweat pants and a hoodie!

Sweet Burgers – From ice cream burgers in NYC at Wukong to the sweety con Nutella (a hamburger bun smashed with Nutella)  served at McDonald’s in Italy, people are going wild over this one.

Sweet fries – Obviously, one can’t have a sweet burger without sweet fries? I blame The Cookie Joint for this one! cookie-fries

Sweet pizza – Although this trend hasn’t totally caught on in the states yet, give it some time. Check out the lotta-chocca pizza from Domino’s.

New Restaurant Openings:

SUGARCANE raw bar grill, NYC: A staple in Miami and Las Vegas – this Asian, Latin, and American hot spot just opened its latest location in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Just another reason to visit this amazing section of NYC as indicated in a previous blog post: DUMBO

Dialogue, Los Angeles: Alinea’s protégé, Dave Beran’s new concept is finally open. This intimate 18 seat venue in Santa Monica will serve a 22 course meal, which promises to be seasonal and market drive.

Eight Tables, San Francisco: The first dining experience dedicated entirely to the Chinese tradition of shi fan tsai (private chateau cuisine), this new restaurant already has quite a following. 

Somerset, Chicago

Somerset, Chicago: The new restaurant from Chicago’s successful Boka restaurant group features swanky interiors including a 40-foot ceiling and lavish ‘yacht club’ inspired décor.

Interesting Foodservice News:

New Upscale eatery at Newark airport: Travelers will soon find themselves getting to Newark airport much earlier to catch their flight when Classified opens. This eatery serves a farm to table menu with seasonal offerings changing on a weekly basis. The restaurant serves 36 people and flyers have to be invited to eat at this exclusive spot.

Please hold my Michelin stars: Sebastian Bras, whose three Michelin starred restaurant, Le Suquet in the south of France, has asked not to appear in the 2018 Michelin Guide. He feels the pressure to cook perfect meals every day has become too stressful and prefers to cook his magical food without the anxiety that he may be inspected at any time. Michelin has noted this but has not come back with a final decision.

Amazon partners with Olo: Amazon announced their partnership with the online food ordering company Olo in attempts to penetrate the foodservice industry. Olo’s network includes 200 restaurant brands including: Chipotle, Denny’s, Five Guys, Red Robin and Applebee’s. The concept would work as such, Olo would publish the menus and take the orders while Amazon would arrange the delivery.

Meijer to start offering ‘misfit’ products: Meijer has recently announced that it will start offering customers a range of slightly less than perfect produce. These less than perfect products might are called the misfits and are sold at 20-40% cheaper than standard fruits and vegetables. The program has been rolled out to all of Meijer’s 235 stores.

If you are discipled and won’t indulge in any foods mentioned above, you can at least smell them!

Candles scented with comfort foods: Chicago based “Stinky Candle Company” have launched a few range of products that smell of French fries, nachos, fresh bread, wine, butter popcorn and chocolate chip cookie. All the smells without the guilt.


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