NYC Michelin Star Restaurants

It may be Halloween but when the NYC Michelin guide comes out, it feels more like Christmas. With 56 single stars in NYC, this guide is the foodies bible. I cannot wait to try the new places that earned their first star. The pressure to perform is incredible for these restaurants and as an appreciative patron for the long hours, dedication, and incredible creations – Thank You, Chefs! Congratulations to all the chefs and their teams for providing us with amazing food!

Jean-Georges was downgraded for the first time in more than a decade Jean-Georges — widely considered one of New York’s best French spots since it opened two decades ago — is no longer one of the world’s finest restaurants, according to the Michelin Guide. The anonymous inspectors at France’s most famous restaurant guide have demoted…

via New York City’s Michelin Stars Announced for 2018 — Eater NY – All

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