Jupiter FL – where to go when you’re other half is on one of their 750 golf courses.

Jupiter, FL – isn’t that where Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife (more than once) awhile back? Where the f is Jupiter again? Is that in Palm Beach? Is there anything to do there other than golf? Aside from golfers and my grandparents, does anyone else live there? I know what you’re thinking and I will get to those important questions shortly. Jupiter is beautiful, quiet, friendly, beachy, and relaxing (unless maybe you’re a terrible golfer), but I digress. It has this resort like feel wherever you go. Luckily, I saved myself the anguish, and decided golf wasn’t my thing a long time ago, so I knew nothing about Jupiter, until I was dragged here a few months ago and well, I was won over. Here are a few establishments in Jupiter you should check out while your +1 is on the golf course and your skill set resembles Happy Gilmore right after he decides hockey just isn’t working out for him. Locations below include: Jupiter, Juno Beach and Tequesta!

The Beacon:

This restaurant is spectacular. It’s definitely the closest thing to Michelin dining in Jupiter (and the surrounding area). The inside is contemporary, trendy, and sexy. It’s the perfect place for a date or a celebratory dinner. Make sure you get a set at the open bar so you can ask the staff 100 questions while you drool all over the counter watching the cooks make your food. (Am I the only one who does this?) Anyway, everything is delicious. Need recommendations? The charred Spanish octopus is excellent, as is the Ricotta Gnudi. Afterward (or even before dinner), check out their rooftop. During the daytime hours, you can sit at their high-top bar and overlook the water and the boats coming and going. As a heads up, it’s a much more snake forward menu upstairs at the bar.

Hog Snappers Shack and Sushi (Tequesta):

If you’re into relaxing, beachy vibes, great seafood, and feeling like you’re on ‘Island Time’, this place is your jam! You’ll feel like you’re on a Hawaiian beach or eating at a seafood shack on the side of the road in Saint Maarten. There’s a reasonably sized bar in the middle of the restaurant, and a small dining area. The walls are aligned with pictures of beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and pictures of nature. The menu is very expansive, the fish is always fresh, the sushi is very tasty, and the prices are very reasonable. Recommendations: Seared Black Pepper Ahi Tuna, Crab Crusted Snapper & Fabulous roll (it’s both huge and fantastic – and it’s pictured below!)

Jetty’s Waterfront Restaurant:

This is the type of place where you will end up sitting next to a professional golfer or one of Tiger’s many mistresses when you dine here (I kid). It’s the ‘seen and be seen’ type of crowd, for sure. The restaurant itself is located right on the water, so you can watch the boats go by and eat some freshly caught fish while trying to decide if the man in the table across from you is definitely a professional golfer. The menu is very focused on freshly caught seafood and steak and the place itself makes you feel like you’re at a resort on an island somewhere.

PapiChulo Tacos

Tacos! All day everyday! If Jupiter alone doesn’t give you that on vacation 365 days a year vibe, this place most certainly will. The bar is always packed, and it’s the type of place you sit down and someone is trying to buy you a tequila shot the second you walk in (or maybe it’s just me…who knows…) Anyway, their happy hour is FANTASTIC. $3 tacos and $6 a margarita. You can’t go wrong here. Please note, the bar is nosey and everyone will want to be your best friend. Babies and dogs are certainly allowed, but it’s probably best they mingle with one another (and not with the tequila and the bar crowd) on their outside front patio. If you’re looking for a great, fun spot to pop in after a day at the beach, this is your jam!

Dive Bar

Lets be honest here, what comes to mind what a place called Dive Bar? Did you say, a college hangout bar that sells PBR and overcooked chicken fingers and might smell like a mix of vomit and Lysol? I know I sure did. Well, if you did, we’re in the same boat and we’re all wrong. Dive bar used to be a dive shop – as in scuba diving – so it’s a bit of a unique, but fairly upscale space. They have a giant fish tank in the middle of the long, winding bar. They serve a variety of dishes from seafood to bar food to sushi. They also have an outdoor area overlooking the water and boats coming in which is quite lovely! Highly recommend the sushi here.

Stage Kitchen and Bar (Juno Beach):

Stage is a really unique, small plate restaurant inspired by Indian flavors and spices, but the chef finds a unique way to incorporate a variety of spices and flavors from all over the world into their dishes. The place itself looks very farm to table, with a small bar area in the front of the restaurant. The bar itself is worth a quick stop, especially if your reservation is delayed as the bartenders are extremely talented and very hospitable. We started off with their cookies and milk cocktail concoction to start which included a creamy tequila based cocktail and two small cookies. It was more of a dessert cocktail, but definitely an excellent conversation piece! Their yellowfin tuna ceviche was a ‘must do’ – the flavor profile was off the charts. It’s salty, crunchy, sweet, and fresh. Delightful. The butter chicken masala was also spectacular. Make sure you get TONS of garlic Naan bread as there’s enough sauce to last you a week. We ended up at the bar the whole night as the place was fully packed when we arrived. I would highly suggest the chef’s table if you have the ability!


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