September Food Trends!


There are quite a lot of things going on in the food industry right now! Here are a few I feel are worth noting:

1.       Food Halls. Food halls have been a popular concept in Europe and Asia for years. In fact, I just went to an awesome one in Lisbon, Portugal ( This was one of my favorite things to do in Lisbon. Anyway, thankfully for us the concept is catching on in the USA. From the East to the West Coast, dazzling new food halls are popping up in countless USA cities. In fact, the number of food halls in the USA grew 37% in the first nine months of 2016. Luckily, I live right outside NYC and have had the opportunity to check out a few food halls including the Plaza Food Hall downstairs at the Plaza Hotel and the Food Plaza at Grand Central Terminal. Awesome things to do while in NYC. When I visited Milwaukee a few years ago, I fell in love with their downtown food hall too. Spectacular! Here are a few food halls opening up in the next few months.  

a.       De Kalb Market Hall in Brooklyn: opened in Summer 2017. The market features a variety of vendors, a Trader Joe’s market, two full service restaurants, a show kitchen and a dine-in movie theater. I can’t wait to check this out! (

b.       South Bronx & Staten Island: Bruckner Market and the Gansevoort Market. The South Bronx food hall, set to open in late 2017, is slated to feature a brewery, tasting room and a rooftop beer garden. The Staten Island Gansevoort market is set to host some 30 food vendors and open in early 2018.

c.       Los Angeles: Edin Park in Beverly Grove. Set to open in late 2017, this sprawling 50,000 sq ft space will be home to 31 vendors ( Another foot food hall, the Corporation Food Hall, in downtown will open in November and feature 9 stalls in total including a bar and espresso stand (

d.       Isabella Eatery: Washington DC. Set to open this fall. The food hall is made up of eight distinct eateries, a cocktail bar and a dining space of over 41,000 sq feet, this food hall will showcase a selection of Chef Mike Isabella (billed as the next Jose Andreas)’s restaurant hits. This has been one of the most highly anticipated openings this year (

e.       Other notable food halls set to open across the country include: China Live in San Francisco (, Legacy Hall in Plano, TX (, & Detroit Shipping Co ( Also, Anthony Bourdain’s food hall set to open in 2019 in Manhattan…I’m counting down the days!

2.       Sporting venues offering exciting new food options

a.       NFL Stadiums coming around to the foodie revolution. Both the Falcons and the 49ers stadiums have installed raised bed/rooftop vegetable gardens. Also at the Falcons new stadium, fans can enjoy food from a variety of local restaurants

b.       The US Open tournament has a roster of big name celebrity chefs contributing signature dishes: including Masaharu Morimoto, David Chang and David Burke

c.       Overseas in the UK: The Forest Green Rovers in Gloucestershire is the world’s first (and only) vegan football club. How crazy is that?!

3.       Wedding Cake trends. Ladies…I know you’re excited about this one!

a.       Fabric: cakes including ruffles, white lace and colorful beads to decorate the tops and sides of the cakes

b.       Green fingers: real flowers being used both in top and inside the cakes. Also, piped flowers and plants which reflect current interior trends for indoor gardens by recreating succulents in buttercream. Some cake decorators are also creating beautiful floral designs by painting directly onto fondant icing.

c.       Designing beautiful cakes by hand including: chalkboard themes, which are designs featuring white writing on black fondant and are often personalized with stories and names. Also, cakes with watercolor effects, usually in gradient or ombre patterns which showcase a beautiful, romantic/artistic effect

4.       Other food trends worth noting around the globe

a.       Gardening gaining popularity with millennials. An activity which was recently associated with retirement has become one of the chicest hobbies of the moment! Garden centers are becoming the rage thanks to gardening becoming trendy again, houseplants being the ‘thing’ in home décor and ‘growing your own’ in regards to the farm to table movement. In fact, I recently saw a ‘Plant Night’ flash across my Groupon page. The event encouraged millennials to have a drink and make a houseplant plant together.

b.       Aged fish. Aging meat has always been a well-known way to develop flavor but aging fish is new to the scene. Used to develop the flavor of raw fish, the aging process is popular with sushi and sashimi chefs. This has become popular in parts of China, Sydney and Singapore.

Check out: for more info!



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